Tired of Losing the Battle Against Porn?


SEVEN Weeks. ELEVEN Bible Lessons. Lasting VICTORY.

SET FREE is a brand new online program designed to combat addiction to pornography & sexual sin. It's grounded in biblical truth, action, and community.

7 Video Sessions

Pastors Toby Sumpter, Jeff Durbin and Doug Wilson teach, encourage, and equip you to fight the life-long battle against porn, sexual sin and temptation.

In-Depth Bible Study

An in-depth, corresponding Bible study designed to take alone or in community that will get you on the path towards sexual sanity.  

Different Approach

The most common solution to porn addiction includes preventative measures such as internet filters.  Set Free gets to the heart of the matter.

Lasting Victory

You've tried all the tricks and devices and checks to stop viewing porn & engaging in sexual sin. But until you completely retrain your heart, nothing will change. We'll show you how to do just that.



It's Never Too Late

Satan wants nothing more than for you to believe you are a lost cause. You're weighed down with guilt and shame, afraid of the past. There IS HOPE - and now there IS HELP. 

Victory is Near

Freedom from pornography and sexual sin is available to you. Don't believe the lie that your past defines your future. It's time to take control of your life. It's time to finally be SET FREE.

You're serious about winning this battle. We are too.



Individual License

*Unlimited Access to Set Free

*7 Video Lessons

*Bible Study Guide

*Resource Guide


Group Pricing

Set Free is designed to use both individually or in a small group at church. We've put together special discounted pricing for groups based on size:

8-20 people: $199

21-50 people: $499

For a group of 50+ people or a larger church license, we'll work with you on custom pricing. Just email us: [email protected]

To purchase a group license, just click on the group size above.

Once you've completed the group purchase, you will find a printable PDF of the entire study guide for your group members. 

You can obtain individual logins for the other members of your group, by emailing us at [email protected] with the list of names/emails you would like to add to your group purchase. This will allow everyone in your group to ask questions, leave comments, track their progress, and come back to the course in the future as needed. Your privacy is important to us, names will not be publicly disclosed and can be adjusted by the user in their settings.

For any further questions, again, please email us: [email protected]


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