Q: Who is this course intended for?

A: While it’s primarily for those struggling with porn and sexual sin, the course works for anyone seeking a better understanding of how God views sex and sexuality.

Q: What if I’m not struggling with sexual sin?

A: What a blessing! But the numbers show most people do, in one way or another. Use the course to mentor someone who is struggling, or teach your teenagers, or take the Bible study in your men’s group. You can never go wrong learning God’s Word!

Q: So how does the course work?

A: Every lesson is available now to watch. You can take the study alone or in a small group. We recommend taking a week (or at least several days) in between each session in order to complete the reading and homework. The corresponding study guide is critical to complete in order to take full advantage of this course.

Q: When can I watch the videos and how long do I have access?

A: Your access to the course never expires, so you can always go back and reset if you feel it’s needed.

Q: What if I have a question not asked/answered in this handy FAQ section?

A: Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll respond in a timely manner to address whatever question you may have.


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