Your Porn Habit Is Fueling the Abortion Industry

toby sumpter Nov 30, 2018

One of the recurring topics I speak and write on is the plague of pornography in our land, but one of the points that is really important to make is the strong connection between pornography and abortion. Far too many men do not see this connection, but if they did, they would be done with pornography immediately. And I believe that if all the Christian men who hate abortion walked away from every form of pornography, from the triple x websites to the soft porn offered up in many Netflix shows — if Christian men rose up and walked away from it all, it would not only deal a significant (and noticeable) blow to that entire sex industry, it would do the same to the abortion industry. The two industries are far more connected than we realize, and far too many Christian men do not see this and are therefore feeding with their lusts the very thing they hate in our land.

So let’s unpack the connections on several levels:

First, there is a literal/direct connection in the sense...

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Tired of Losing the Battle to Porn? Perhaps You've Been Fighting the Wrong Way


Porn is a silent killer.

You've heard all the lies a million times. The voice inside saying you're not good enough, you're not worth it, you're beyond saving. 

You're constantly living in a prison of fear, wondering what everyone would say if they only knew. 

These are just a few examples of how porn eats away at our souls, destroying our true identity as children of God, and instead convinces us that we are worthless sinners who are beyond repair.

You've probably tried to quit viewing porn many times, only to fail time and time again. I know this because the numbers don't lie. An overwhelming majority of Christian men have admitted to viewing porn at least once a month, despite knowing the dire consequences. 

So why are so many men failing? In most cases, it's because they're not zeroing in on the root of the problem. Most solutions often center around taking preventative measures such as using internet filters and other devices. Those are definitely valuable...

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